Timo's How To: A Master of Fine Arts Thesis
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From the ICA Lift Off Show guide:

"With Timo's How To performances and marketing materials, Timo McIntosh pokes fun of the popular self-help culture by employing the same media in which these messages of self-improvement are often propagated. McIntosh presents himself as an authority on how to become, in a few easy steps, the individual who we aspire to be. By presenting basic instructions that often masquerade as substantive ideals, his work asks us to question culturally constructed standards of identity."

"Live life better in 5 easy steps!"

"The original culture jammers went out to screw with the social institutions they saw as problematic. The next wave of jammers screwed with people who participated in problematic social institutions. What I want to show in THT is how social institutions have screwed me through my participation in them. It targets problematic institutions like the Jammers, but it is self implicating."
- Paraphrased from ATC question and answer session.

The Timo's How To Guides

Manifestations of Timo's How To:

SJ Institute of Contemorary Art: Lift Off 2011


MFA Thesis

Gigapixel Project: Giga-Timo


Society for Photographic Educators West: 2010 Graduate Student Critique selected participant


MFA Advancement to Candidacy

THT Website